Engage and Excite Your Buyers with Professional Video Marketing from eSalesTraffic

Most buyers don’t have the time to read an entire whitepaper and analyze its contents. They want instant visual content that captivates. The latest data shows that online video now accounts for 50% of mobile traffic. Your business must access this growing marketplace to reach local and national audiences. Our team at eSalesTraffic has experience in video design, video SEO and video marketing campaign implementation. We specialize in crafting unique branding experiences online and we’re proud to deliver unparalleled services to our business clients. Our video marketing suite includes:

  • Video SEO

We optimize all videos to connect your content within your SEO campaigns, ensuring your business achieves high level rankings across traditional search engines such as Google and video search engines such as YouTube.

  • Professional Video Production

We can help produce outstanding video content for your brand. Our qualified marketers work only with the leading script writers and video design teams to ensure your company comes alive via video. We specialize in content that tells a story, helping your company grab the attention of the viewing audience and moving them forward within the sales funnel.

  • Ad Network Integration

Because eSalesTraffic partners with the leading online video advertising firms, we can deliver highly targeted content across hundreds of global sites, applications, and mobile devices. By disseminating your videos across this wide selection of platforms, we can put your brand at the forefront of its industry.

Great content combined with leading market distribution channels – that’s the benefit of choosing eSalesTraffic’s video marketing services. To learn more on the company and our service suite, contact an expert today!