eSalesTraffic: Helping Businesses Locate their Motivated Buyers with Targeted PPC Campaigns

PPC is an area of some confusion for many growing brands. Some believe they can attract new buyers simply by placing their ads on high traffic sites. But the value of PPC is in the analysis and targeting of your customers. Before you begin PPC campaigns, you must know what type of buyer you’re trying to attract and why. At eSalesTraffic, we craft powerful paid marketing campaigns using proven PPC techniques to locate and convert your ideal target buyer. Our PPC services include:

  • PPC Audits

We’ll analyze your current PPC campaigns to pinpoint failing strategies that are costing your company money. Our audits will help streamline your PPC processes and show you which sources offer the ideal traffic for your site. It’s a service designed to accommodate both the new company and the established provider.

  • Ad Copy Writing

The eSalesTraffic content creators will keep your adcopy tightly focused to meet campaign objectives. We use proven sales techniques to engage motivated buyers and entice them to click on your ads. We also utilize the latest testing tools to help determine the customer response before implementation, helping you save money and secure the ideal return on PPC investment.

  • Tracking & Reporting

Each element of your PPC campaigns will be monitored closely by eSalesTraffic. We’ll take a look at the trends and help you retain the value of your investments through the latest reporting tools. We’ll also provide a constant flow of actionable information to help ensure informed decisions are made and keep your PPC strategies profitable over the long-term

Trusted PPC guidance is only a call away. Begin your new PPC campaigns alongside our experts at eSalesTraffic. Call today to begin.