Effective marketing automation requires a dynamic, lead-centric approach to inbound marketing

Effective marketing automation requires a dynamic, lead-centric approach to inbound marketing

Our data reveals 5% of generated leads are converted within 90 days. The other 95% simply sit in a database offering no functional benefit to the business. What is your business doing to approach, nurture and convert the missing 95% of leads generated?

Effective marketing automation requires a dynamic, lead-centric approach to inbound marketing.

To capitalize on Pardot and its software capabilities, businesses require support from a partner with decades of digital marketing experience. eSales Traffic’s services extend beyond our expertise within marketing automation. We’ve been leaders of the digital marketing industry for over 20 years. Our team’s experience means we don’t simply oversee the automation process, we empower all elements of our clients’ campaigns to drive sustainable, predictable long-term lead generation results.

Our relationship management model helps businesses learn more on their buyers’ personas. We provide comprehensive data on our clients’ qualified buyers, their pain points and a typical day in the buyer’s life. This information is derived from their “digital body language”. We look at which leads complete web forms, attend webinars and visit high value site pages often. We track these and other data points to determine the lead’s score. We then engage and nurture high value leads with progressive profiling, website forms, targeted emails and other tools to further bring buyers closer to the company and its products.

Each step is coordinated so buyers are engaged with the optimal offer at the right time within their purchase process, helping our client generate high quality leads on demand. It’s a method that we’ve honed through over 25,000 successful client email campaigns. In fact, our lead generation experience extends to all areas of digital marketing, including the following:

  • Web development

We’ve built over 100,000 websites within our time in the industry, using our understanding on customer behaviour and the latest marketing tools to help businesses make a lasting impression on visitors and turn visitors into repeat, satisfied customers.

  • PPC & SEO

Our PPC and SEO companies go beyond the traditional approach to online marketing. We craft compelling content and use data-driven strategies to maximize campaign ROI, assuring precise use of our clients’ marketing dollars.

  • Mobile architecture

Our understanding of the mobile marketplace is second-to-none. We build responsive sites and marketing solutions designed for optimal engagement on any device.

  • Lead conversion architecture

From their first click on the site through to the completion of their purchase, buyers are guided through our clients’ web pages with lead-conversion focused site architecture. Business immediately benefit with increased conversion rates and build their number of qualified leads for recurring profits over the long-term.

From back to front, each facet of our clients’ marketing automation systems is orchestrated by trusted leaders within the digital marketing field. It’s a data-driven approach that ensures successful and sustainable lead generation results for all online businesses.

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