eSalesTraffic: Expert Marketing Based on Clear Buyer Persona Development

To attract the right people to your products and services, you’ll have to learn more on your ideal buyer. Who are they? What are the most common challenges? Only by answering questions such as these can you begin to meet the needs of qualified customers. The eSalesTraffic team has many years’ experience in buyer persona development. We can help you identify your buyers and their intensions, then build precise marketing strategies in response. Our buyer persona development services include:

  • Buyer Insights

Our marketing team will interview several of your most recent customers, building our understanding on their buying decisions and their thought processes. This process is used to build a buyer profile that can then be developed for use in all areas of your marketing campaigns.

  • Persona-based Content Development

Once we have a clear understanding on your buyers and their needs, we build content for your brand that corresponds with the buyer’s unique requirements. Each piece is carefully tailored to both brand objectives and buyer expectations to assure the ideal result for your company and its customer relationships.

  • Optimized Brand Messaging

Beyond content development, we can ensure each element of your brand’s messaging, from social media updates to email blasts, is optimized with your company’s buyer personas foremost in mind. We help build your brand’s presence based on an understanding of client expectations and how to achieve clear and effective communication.

Through effective development of buyer personas, we can help keep your brand focused on its most important customers, bringing full efficiency to your marketing campaigns. Begin identifying your qualified buyers today by contacting our team now.