eSalesTraffic: Experts in Marketing to the Proactive Buyer

Over the past decade, the way shoppers consume information has changed significantly. Whether in the B2B or B2B marketplaces, buyers rarely contact the sales team directly before they’ve made their purchase decision. Online business owners must change how they market their business to respond to this new paradigm. Our inbound marketing services offer the solution. We’ll craft flexible inbound marketing strategies that compel your buyers to take action. Our inbound marketing services include:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis

Our analysis uncovers vital information on your buyers. Data such as buyer locations and buyer challenges will be highlighted to give your brand the competitive edge in its inbound marketing campaigns.

  • Lead Nurturing Program Development

Our lead nurturing programs help bring your motivated buyers through the buyer journey, from prospect to loyal customer. Using proven methodologies, we’ll cultivate strong and responsive relationships with your customer-base, helping them to become linked with your brand and its products, and continuously building new avenues for lead generation.

  • Conversion Focused Web Design

Your site will be the hub of your inbound marketing strategy. We’ll ensure all content is designed to sell and to move the buyer forward in their purchase. This begins with site content and includes sophisticated web form design and effective use of CTAs across your online presence. Our conversion architecture will link your site with your business’s social media presence, driving brand recognition across the web.

Our inbound marketing team can help your brand reach and respond to its core customer base. Contact us today to discuss your marketing goals with an experienced inbound marketing specialist.