eSalesTraffic: Experts in Personalized Relationship-Based Marketing Experiences

Automated marketing strategies bring working efficiency to your marketing campaigns. Our team of marketing experts will leverage the latest marketing automation platforms to help create unique online experiences that fortify the connection between your brand and its online audience. We’ll also use advanced strategies such as progressive profiling to help you understand your customers better and then use this data to develop precise marketing strategies to approach qualified buyers at precise times during their purchase process. Our full marketing automation services include:

  • Content Personalization

Using the leading automation tools, we’ll personalize your email, social media and website content to reach out to specific buyers and make them feel included within your campaigns. Each step in the sales conversation can be personalized to drive the bond between the individual and your organization.

  • Expert Lead Scoring

As part of our lead scoring process we’ll help you understand your buyer personas and help analyze their online actions to determine their openness to your business. Our lead scoring strategies will place your sales team at the front of the line when opportunities arise and empower your teams with actionable data on important influencers within your marketplace.

  • Comprehensive Campaign Analytics

In developing your automated marketing system, we’ll continually monitor and analyze your campaigns to help remove failing processes and support successful long-term strategies. We’ll provide you with real-time information on your campaigns to help refine the automation process and ensure you remain on track in meeting your leading marketing objectives
Marketing automation from eSalesTraffic helps keep you in the driver’s seat for your campaigns. Begin your next campaign today by contacting our experienced team.