A Guide to the 10 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaign Implemented by eSales Traffic

A Guide to the 10 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaign Implemented by eSales Traffic

eSales Traffic’s managed marketing automation services are orchestrated to address each type of lead with content designed specifically for their current stage in the buying cycle. We believe in a deeply personal lead nurturing process that aligns our clients’ content with the following lead types.

  1. Greeting

Leads at the greeting process are simply seeking to know who the company is and what they do. To address the lead’s requirements at this stage, we create campaigns that link to the client’s about us pages and their introductory content. It’s all optimized to make that perfect first impression.

  1. Qualifying

Leads at the qualifying stage are ready to be assessed by our lead scoring program. We harness the latest systems to identify whether leads are ready for the sales process or require further nurturing.

  1. Retaining

Leads entering the retaining stages require further information on the client’s brand and its products. This stage leads to educational content such as newsletters and email tips, designed to help the prospect further understand the benefit of the client’s products and services.

  1. Accelerating

When entering the accelerating stage, leads are readied for the buying cycle. The accelerating stage of lead nurturing is triggered by specific buying behaviours recognized by our marketing experts.

  1. Acquiring

Acquisition campaigns are a company’s soft-sell approach to targeted buyers. At this stage, our team captures information relating to the lead’s budget and purchase pipeline to ensure success with a future call to action campaign.

  1. Call to Actions

Within our call to action campaigns, eSales Traffic brings buyers forward in the sales engagement process. Here, the lead has already been educated on the company and its products and is now ready for a sales appointment or company event.

  1. Re-Engaging

Even the most qualified leads can be lost. Our reengagement campaigns help begin communications with prospects lost at various stages through the lead generation process.  We use these campaigns to welcome the lead back to the company and further educate them on the client’s business.

  1. Post Purchase

The post-purchase phase of nurturing campaigns requires involves automated communications regarding our clients’ support procedures. At this stage we also implement cross-selling and upselling campaigns to drive further engagement between the customer and the brand.

  1. Ad-Hoc Campaigns

Some campaigns defy placement within the lead nurturing structure. eSales Traffic implements ad-hoc campaigns for clients hosting one-off events and promotional giveaways.

  1. Personal Campaigns

While we have great experience within automated campaigns and marketing automation management, we also craft campaigns that appeal to the unique individual. To help strengthen the connection between a high value client and the company, we structure personal lead nurturing campaigns. Personal campaigns fortify business relationships for clients focusing the nurturing process on high value individuals.

eSales Traffic has extensive experience in addressing nurturing campaigns to all types of lead for all types of business. Discover more on our lead nurturing techniques by calling our team today.